Wilkommen – Kindle Auf Deutsch


Here’s an interesting bit of news: Amazon is launching the Kindle in Germany:


There has been something of a divide in the past, where the US, and UK have seen Amazon rise to prominence with the Kindle and its mobi format, whereas in continental Europe, the epub format and a variety of readers have been more popular. It’ll be interesting to see if Amazon can make some inroads into this space.  The article states the keyboard and user interface are still in English, so it’s likely more of an early sortie rather than a full on invasion.

In any case, the Kindle is a great way for people to get ahold of less popular English books in a place like Germany, where shipping them might take more time and money.  Some stores may carry a limited selection of English books, but they tend to either be light reading for airplanes or classics for students of English, and maybe a few best sellers.

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