Tech Support at 2000 Meters


Rollin’ a smoke in the high country, while my horse grazes, and gazing on nature’s majesty?

Not exactly – first of all I don’t smoke, don’t ride horses, and you can’t see it in the picture, but I’m actually typing away on my phone.  That hat, if nothing else, is a Stetson though.

My wife and I needed a weekend away, so we drove up to go camping up in Cortina d’Ampezzo, in the middle of the Italian Dolomites, which is of course a splendid place to spend a long weekend.   I was, however, a bit nervous being away from my fast internet connection – I like being able to deal with anything that comes up with LiberWriter in a hurry.

Thanks, however, to the people at Google who created the Android phone system, and my new Samsung phone, I was able to “take my email with me” and respond to a help request that came up while we were out for a walk above the Passo Giau.  My wife thought it was pretty funny (I’m lucky that way, I suppose some people might have been irritated!) that I was sitting there staring at my phone in the middle of the gorgeous high alpine meadow where we stopped to have a picnic, and took a picture.

My customer, on the other hand, was quite pleased that I got back to her so quickly, even though I wasn’t able to solve the problem right away.  I did fix the problem that evening, as soon as I got back to my laptop.

I work hard to make LiberWriter function without help, but given that people are paying us money to make sure their books look good, I feel the ability to respond with helpful, friendly support is always going to be a really important part of the service.

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